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Oresco and Trigger entered into JV for Project Enkii in December 2021. Project Enkii is a Web3 commerce initiative to revolutionize Plantation Services starting from durian plantations. 

Oresco has over 600 acres of managed plantations in Malaysia delivering over 1,000 tonnes of durians yearly. 

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China Imported 800,000 tonnes of durians in 2021. Malaysia exports 4% of Global Demands.

Malaysia is known for premium durians such as "Musang King" dubbed the 'Hermes' of Durian.

There is an emerging premium breed beyond the "Musang King" known as the "Blackthorn". Blackthorn is priced almost 75% higher than Musang King and can only meet less than 1% of its global demand.


Blackthorn Trees in Malaysia

20 - 30 USD

per kg Blackthorn pricing


Musang King Trees in Malaysia

15 - 20 USD

per kg Musang King pricing

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Limited Launch Numbers (100)

There is finite land and limited producers of blackthorn durian trees.

Oresco is releasing its first 100 BLACKTHORN Trees.


A NFT will be issued to each owner of the real tree.

Each of the 100 NFT will have a unique serial number from 001 to 100

  • Own real trees on real land.

  • Earn real dollar yields from real trees and fruits.

  • Projected >1000% yield over 30-years

  • Get a digital version of the tree. 1 Tree = 1 NFT

  • OG Status for Future NFT applications in Web3.  

From 18 May 2022 - CLOSED

All 100 have been allocated


Please register to receive updates on future opportunities.

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